Skill Level

Wanna learn how to find your audience and get people to share your videos?

Colin and Samir have developed a proven method for making videos that people care about. Whether you’re shooting a doc or a Youtube video, this class is going to give you the skills and resources to tell a compelling--and potentially viral--story. Learn to write a hit script, storyboard your ideas, and give your videos purpose. This is everything you should do before you turn your camera on.

*Now includes bonus episodes!

What You Get:

2.5 hours of learning

+ 13 Segments

+ Storytelling templates

+ "The Idea Checklist" PDF

+ 10% Moment discount

What You Learn:

Define the audience for your videos and get them to share your stories

  • Plan and produce your ideas with storyboarding and scripting
  • Understand what makes a good idea, a good story
  • Ensure that your videos build a real community, not just get views.
  • Write and produce videos like Colin and Samir