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My first year of Pony League (13 years old) I was given my first wake up call. My coach at the time, who had played Division 1 baseball, sat me down and told me straight up, “You will never play pro baseball”. Although many would think that it was harsh, I took it as my first lesson of becoming self-aware. Rather than chasing a dream I became practical. Deep down I enjoyed working just as much as playing baseball, so I tripled down on what I thought was my strength. I was going to become a businessman in baseball.


New Jersey-based artist, Brian Begley, specializes in graphic design, illustration, sports branding, and uniform design. Brian’s work has been widely recognized for his uncanny ability to blend historical and contextual elements with a clean, simple, and street-influenced style. His design process starts with hand drawn sketches, and extensive research into a partner’s background. He has worked with the Durham Bulls, Starter Brand, NBC Sports, the Harlem Wizards, and American Alliance of Football.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"