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November 8th - 13th MLB The Show 21 Tournament


Console | XBOX


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  • Product Description

      Competitive MLB The Show 21 tournament. Winner receives a berth to the Squatch Series Championship.


      All ages welcome

      Diamond Dynasty Game mode

      Pool Play with Single elimination bracket - 5 Game guarantee

      November 8th- 13th

      Squatch Series Qualifier

      No Created Stadiums Allowed

Tournament Details

Who's Playing

Game Settings

  • Mode: Diamond Dynasty
  • Hitting: Hall of Fame
  • Pitching: Hall of Fame
  • Guess Pitch: OFF
  • Quick Counts: OFF
  • Strike Zone: ON
  • Hot Zone: OFF
  • Balks: OFF
  • Umpire Balls & Strikes: Perfect
  • Ejections: OFF
  • Injuries: OFF
  • Presentation mode: 1
  • No Create A Player Allowed (CAP)
  • No Created Stadiums Allowed
  • No Knuckleballers

Schedule Format

Pool Play

  • Pool Play games will consist of five, five-inning games.
  • Pool Play games are played Monday thru Friday.
  • All games are coordinated between players (using dedicated discord channel)
  • The home team is responsible for inviting the visiting team.
  • All scores must be submitted no later than Friday 9:00 PM PST.
  • Seeding is based on the overall record after Pool Play.
  • Tiebreaker for seeding = Runs Allowed / Runs Scored / Head To Head (In that order)

Bracket Play

  • Bracket games will consist of a single, seven-inning game.
  • Bracket is single elimination.
  • Higher seed will be the home team and is responsible for inviting the lower seed/visiting team.
  • The winning team is responsible for submitting a screenshot of the final score.
  • All bracket games are on Saturday.
  • All games are on a set schedule.
  • Championship Game will be a seven-inning best of three series.

Starting a Game

MLB The Show 21: How to Setup Crossplay & Play with Friends

After launching the game, the player will naturally be brought to the main menu. There are all sorts of features here, from the ‘Road to the Show’ mode to daily events, but those looking to start a game with friends need to locate the ‘My Profile’ option. There are two methods of reaching this option, which is the same on every console. The first is by selecting the player’s profile icon in the upper left of the menu screen, which will bring up the player’s customizable 'My Ballplayer' avatar. Then, scroll one option to the right to reach the ‘My Profile’ option. Alternatively, the quicker method is to press the select the console's dedicated menu button to bring up the same menu with the 'My Ballplayer'. In both scenarios, there is an option in the 'My Profile' section to enable cross-play. In the first method discussed, it will be on the right side of the screen, while in the second method it will be below the universal profile option. After cross-play is turned on, players will be ready to invite friends to their stadium.

In the same ‘My Profile’ menu, select the friend's option. This will bring up a list of all the people in the player’s friends list, but only on whatever console they’re currently using. To add someone from another console, go right to the ‘Requests’ option and select the 'Send New Friend Request' button. Doing so will prompt the player to insert their friend’s username, so make sure the correct spelling is written or typed down somewhere! From there, the other player will need to accept the request. After they appear on their friend list, the host, the player who wishes to initiate the ball game, must select their friend’s name and invite them to an exhibition game. This will bring them to a settings screen where things such as the number of innings are determined, and when they're finalized, choose to advance. Once that’s settled, all that needs to be done is choose ready up, and two friends on different platforms can take to the field!


Submitting a Screenshot

  • Hit the "SHARE" button on your controller
  • Select "Screenshot"
  • Select "Messages"
  • Select the message thread with Dugout Creative.

If there is not already an open thread with Dugout Creative:

  • Select "Create Group"
  • Select "Search"
  • Enter "DugoutCreative"
  • Select "DugoutCreative" from the search results.
  • Select "Confirm"
  • Select Send.

All screenshots submitted must contain both players user names and the score. See below for exact screenshot:


First Place

  • Berth to the Squatch Series Championship
  • $100 gift card for any items on our website.

Second Place

  • $100 gift card for any items on our website.

Checking In

  • Check-in will open at 1:00 AM PST Sunday and close 12:00 AM PST (Midnight) on Sunday 
  • All participants must check-in to be entered into the pool. Participants that do not check-in will not be entered into the tournament.
  • Once check-in has opened, you will see the form below this text.

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