Team Profiles

All of your team information in one spot

1. Program Information

The program section of your listing, features the basic information about your team or program.

Tip: The more information you include, the less questions parents may have.

2. Tryouts

Your upcoming tryouts are linked to your team profile, allowing you to collect registrations ahead of time.

3. Team Fees

Parents pay their team fees right from your team profile.

Perk: All of the funds are collected and then deposited directly into your bank account.

4. Team Store

Your swag and uniforms will be uploaded and made readily available.  All items are printed on-demand and drop-shipped directly to your parents.

Perk: No more having to collect information and pass things out.

5. Team Submission

Submit your team to us for approval. If your program is approved, you will receive an email.

Tip: You can make changes to your listing during the approval period